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What Is Affiliate Marketing and How It Works

Posted by LSpinelli on Sep 29, 2015 11:22:53 AM

Shoppers love to save money. We must, otherwise the word "Sale" would probably be as exciting to the average shopper as Melba Toast sounds to a child. But we have some hard figures to show you it's true. Sixty-six percent of U.S. shoppers used coupons on household expenses in 2011, and 55 percent of people online used a coupon or promo code on an e-commerce site in 2014. Where do many of these online consumers shop? On affiliate marketing sites. Affiliate shoppers spend more on average than a regular online shopper and are more ready to buy, writes Dr. Marc Uhlig in his 2014 study, "Affiliate Marketing: Factors Influencing Conversion Rates."

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What is FICAM LOA 3 and Why It's Important

Posted by LSpinelli on Sep 22, 2015 2:21:51 PM

As of this month, is the only certified Federal Identity, Credential, and Access Management (FICAM) program Level of Assurance 3 (LOA 3) identity provider. We have held this distinction for quite some time, but the other two providers who also held this certification are no longer in compliance. FICAM LOA 3 is the highest certification the federal government has awarded to any identity provider.

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Best Practices for Running a Military Discount

Posted by LSpinelli on Sep 18, 2015 3:23:49 PM

In previous blog posts, we've talked a lot about how creating a military discount can help increase your sales and boost your reputation. We've shown you that the military has an incredibly high approval rating—according to a 2013 Pew Research study—and that many U.S. consumers are influenced on where to buy their goods depending on if they view the company as "military-friendly."

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White Paper: KBAs Are Not Dead...Yet

Posted by LSpinelli on Sep 17, 2015 3:35:34 PM

Anyone paying attention to the news has seen how Knowledge Based Authentication systems (KBAs) are being blamed, in part, for the massive data breaches that have occurred in the public and private sectors. And to a point, that's true. KBA systems by themselves are not the most secure. But the way in which KBAs are implemented can be the weakest part of the system, not the system itself.

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Infographic on the Military Student

Posted by LSpinelli on Sep 15, 2015 11:16:58 AM

Nearly 1 million eligible individuals participated in the post-9/11 GI Bill program in 2011, a 15 percent increase over FY 2010 and a 71 percent increase over FY 2009, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs website. Those military service members and their eligible dependents are using the G.I. Bill toward anything educationally-related, including graduate and undergraduate degrees, vocational/technical training, flight training, licensing and national testing programs, entrepreneurship training, and more.

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Buying Power of the Military Spouse

Posted by LSpinelli on Sep 9, 2015 4:11:58 PM

There are a total of 43 million veterans, active-duty, and Guard service members and their spouses in the U.S. today. That’s a total annual purchasing power of $1.5 trillion. But while most of those service members are the major bread-winners in the family, the spouse is the one with most of the buying power.

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The Digital Identity Landscape and's Role in It

Posted by LSpinelli on Sep 3, 2015 8:19:47 AM

If you look up "digital identity" in Wikipedia, the most crucial issue surrounding digital identity is the lack of security.

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Free SeaWorld and Busch Garden Tickets for Florida First Responders

Posted by LSpinelli on Sep 1, 2015 1:12:07 PM



“Thank You” Offer for First Responders Sept. 1-30

TAMPA, Fla. (Sept. 1, 2015) – Busch Gardens® Tampa and SeaWorld® Orlando are honoring Florida first responders through September. From Sept. 1-30, first responders will receive free admission to both Florida parks, and a special offer for additional tickets.

In addition to complimentary admission, qualified first responders receive up to four discounted tickets per park for friends and family for just $50 per ticket, a savings of 48 percent off general admission.

“This special offer is our way to show our support and appreciation for the commitment and dedication of Florida’s first responders,” said Jim Dean, Busch Gardens Tampa park president.

“Our hope is that these courageous people and their families will visit our parks, share time with one another and create memories that last a lifetime,” said Donnie Mills, SeaWorld Orlando park president.

Qualifying first responders include:

· All Florida fire rescue first responders

· Florida emergency medical services employees (EMT/EMS/not hospital employees)

· All Florida police and sheriff offices

· Florida Highway Patrol

· Florida Department of Corrections

· Florida Department of Law Enforcement

· Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission field officers

· Florida Forest Service Forest Rangers

· Florida Park Service law enforcement

· Department of Homeland Security law enforcement agents

· Florida Department of Environmental Protection law enforcement

Qualifying first responders should visit or for more information and to register, using the verification system. Tickets must be used by Sept. 30, 2015. Restrictions apply.

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment™ also has a tribute program called Waves of Honor™. Created in 2001, the Waves of Honor® military solute program provides free admission to the SeaWorld® and Busch Gardens® parks, and Sesame Place® for active members of U.S. armed forces and as many as three direct dependents per service member.

About SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment inspires millions, through the power of entertainment, to celebrate, connect with and care for the natural world. The company has been creating innovative entertainment experiences that blend imagination with nature for more than 50 years and is one of the world’s foremost zoological organizations and a global leader in animal welfare, training, husbandry and veterinary care. The company maintains one of the largest animal collections in the world and has helped lead advances in the care of species in zoological facilities and in the conservation of wild populations. SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment also operates one of the world’s most respected programs to rescue and rehabilitate ocean marine animals that are ill, injured and orphaned, with the goal of returning them to the wild. The SeaWorld® rescue team has helped more than 23,000 animals in need over the last four decades.

About is transforming the way people verify their identity online. Started in 2010 by two U.S. Army Ranger veterans, is a digital identity network and omni-channel solution provider delivering real-time verification of consumer identity and group status with bank-level encryption. The Washington, D.C.-based company allows partners direct access to rich user data and diverse customer bases, yet still leaves users in control of what information to share. Through, partners deliver a consistent customer experience across off- and online channels while reducing costs, fraud and security risks associated with manual verification.

Media contacts:
Lisa Spinelli

Busch Gardens
Public Relations

Public Relations

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Military Discount: The Military Consumer Infographic

Posted by LSpinelli on Aug 28, 2015 9:21:00 AM

We talk a lot on this blog about how a military discount can help your company grow sales and boost revenue. We also like to discuss how the general public favors a company who offers a military discount over one that does not. And we've shown you some great tips on how to ensure your military discount succeeds.

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Become a Military Friendly Company

Posted by LSpinelli on Aug 26, 2015 11:46:56 AM

The military has an incredibly high approval rating from the general U.S. public—78 percent according to a 2013 Pew Research study. That's higher than teachers (76 percent), doctors (66 percent) and even scientists (65 percent). Americans truly believe in and support their military and veterans—especially after the Sept. 11 attacks.

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